How to: Lace Nails.

Apr 22

I found this via tumblr and thought this was a great idea for people who love to do their nails.

01. 1 or 2 coats of your favourite colour (enough to make it opaque)

02. After that has dried, cut a piece of lace that is roughly the size of your nail (slightly larger so you can trim it down).

03. With your base colour or a clear coat paint the nail you want to cover.

04. Place the lace on the wet nail. If you don’t like the placement, peel it up instead of pushing it to where you want it. Pushing it will cause the color to be shoved on top of the lace. Hold down the lace until it sticks to the nail.

05. Trim the excess lace with small, sharp scissors.

06. After the lace has dried onto the nail, paint on a top coat.

07. If the edges are still rough from the lace, file downward on the edges with a super fine nail file (like you would find on a buffer block) after the top coat has dried.

I thought that it looks pretty cool. Show me some pictures if you are going to do it. I want to see how it turns out. If I can find some time, I might attempt this :)

Sorry I haven’t taken any pictures of the reveal yet. I was planning to do that some time today but I woke up with a sore throat :\

5 Responses to “How to: Lace Nails.”

  1. lisa says:

    omg girl so pretty!! i love this :) lace makes everything better!

  2. Jen says:

    These are cuuuute.

  3. Rathy says:

    How interesting. I may try. Surely I have tons of fabric and lace. I just never have enough time to spend to do my nails.

  4. richL says:

    @Rathy – I thought so too. That’s why I posted it. I want to know if people are going to try it so they can tell me how difficult it really is. I’m very impatient with waiting for it to dry.

  5. richL says:

    @Jenna – Try it and take pictures! Lemme see!

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