Valentine’s Day Reveal

Feb 19

Happy belated Valentine’s day to my amazing viewers! I cannot believe it has been a month since I’ve last posted. The bf has been away for about a month and whenever he is away I have a tendency on working on home projects. Maybe I’ll post about it. Maybe.. I still want to add and change up some things and showcase some of our vinyl art collection that has been stored away.

Anyways.. I hope everyone had a great V-day and spent it with people they love. Whether it be friends or a loved one. For me, I was alone so I worked and stole some candies from my employees. Haha.

But alas, the bf is back home and came with amaze gifts! I know the fluttering of hearts girls get when they see a Tiffany blue bag, but my heart flutters for this black bag with white letters :)

Chanel Necklace

Chanel Necklace

Chanel Necklace

Chanel Necklace

Chanel Necklace

Sometimes the BF scares me with how much he knows me. He knows that I’m obsessed with all things black & gold. I’m also not a big fan of anything crystal encrusted by Chanel either. Not because I don’t like it, it’s just because I can never take care of it. I have a couple things with crystal that no longer has crystals on it. Lol.

This necklace is the perfect length and is GOLD! I looove gold!! Since the bf is back we’ve taken a week off to spend time together. If you are following me on Instagram or Twitter you already have seen this:

Phillip Lim Pashili

Look out for this reveal soon!

2 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Reveal”

  1. lisa says:

    sigh!!! your new gold chanel necklace is GORG!!! i really would love that in a pair of stud earrings so pretty!!

    and gah! can’t wait to see your philip lim reveal!!!

    what a good bf and what a lucky girl :p

  2. richL says:

    I would love the matching earrings too!! But majority of the ones at the Ala Moana location had crystals in them. I’m the worst with crystals.

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