Chanel 18K Dipped Sunnies

Jan 23

Here it is and its AMAZING!

Chanel 18K Sunnies

Chanel 18K Sunnies

Chanel 18K Sunnies

Chanel 18K Sunnies

Chanel 18K Sunnies

They’re PERFECT! Plus, they’re polarized and once you go polarized its hard to go back!

The lenses on these particular pair are dipped in 18K white gold. I really wanted the 18K yellow gold they are sold out! I guess having been put on a waiting list will suffice for now. I’ve literally worn them every day since I got them. They are a little on the heavier side but fab nonetheless.

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2 Responses to “Chanel 18K Dipped Sunnies”

  1. Missan2net says:

    I love my Chanel but for some reason the ones I bought with polarized lenses get scratched up like a mofo, and I swear I baby them. Either that or the hairs on my head are abrasive. Lolz!

  2. lisa says:

    omggg drool!! they are so gorgeous!! those are going to be especially amaze in the summer. nevermind you live in hawaii it’ll be amaze year round lol!!! #luckyyoulivehawaii lol :p

    you know what’s funny when i saw the MCM display i actually did think of you lol!!! i knew you would love it :p

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