Waikiki Touristin’

Jan 20

I have the day off this weekend!! I’m super excited! This is the first time in months since I had the weekend off.

It all started with my nephew’s 9th birthday at this pizza joint called Shakey’s. Where the pizza is thin crusted and crunchy and the video gaming is cheap for the little guys and big boys who like to crush on children’s dreams. Haha. After all the celebration I decided that I wanted to go to Waikiki. I really only go about twice a year because: 1) It’s filled with too much tourists. 2) Parking is horrendous 3) Most of the employees in the retail area are so damn rude.

In the span of 6 months that I make my visits I swear Waikiki is always changing. I did hear of new shops opening like “Love Culture” and wanted to check it out!

Playing tourist at #Waikiki

The BF with one of his favorite MCM backpacks!

Chanel dips their lenses in 18K gold

We visited the Chanel boutique because the BF was looking at the window display. I went in thinking that I wouldn’t buy anything at all until the SA asks me if I want to see something cool. Of course I did! She showed me these AMAZING line of sunnies that has lenses dipped in 18K gold! She showed me three styles, a Wayfarer, cat eye and round. The lens were either dipped in 18K yellow gold or 18K white gold.

I just had to

And of course I walked out with a pair. But which one? I’ll post them soon!

I got to check out Love Culture for the first time and it was ok. Nothing really piqued my interest but it reminds me of a Forever 21 but not as great. The only shops I was particularly excited about was for Saint Laurent and Chanel. That’s all. See you in a few months Waikiki!

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  1. lisa says:

    EEPS!! i can’t wait to see which pair you snagged. omgosh gold dipped lenses that’s insane i love it!!


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