Fukubukuro Reveal

Jan 09

In my last post I had mentioned that I got my first fukubukuro mystery bag (what is fukubukuro?). To be honest, this will be my first and last time that I will be a consumer of fukubukuro. I already knew from the beginning what to expect. I should’ve known better since I’m so particular. I wanted to do it to get it out of my system and this is what I have got from Balenciaga

Balenciaga 2012 beach bag

Balenciaga 2012 beach bag

Balenciaga 2012 beach bag

Balenciaga 2012 beach bag

Balenciaga 2012 beach bag

Balenciaga 2012 beach bag

Balenciaga 2012 beach bag

This is the 2012 Raffia Beach Bag. To be honest, the craftsmanship on this bag is amazing. But who would buy a beach bag for $995? I mean, I’d probably appreciate this bag more if I went to the beach. But even if I did go to the beach I don’t think I’d spend that much on a bag. Now that I got this fukubukuro out of my system (and yes I already sold this thing), I could get more things that I love. Like this…

Chanel Reveal

Reveal to follow :)

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4 Responses to “Fukubukuro Reveal”

  1. Missan2net says:

    You need to go to Japan for Fukubukuro instead. My 1st checking it out there this year and It SUCKS big time here compared to there. Bargains galore, not just in the happy bags. The sales during New Year are sooooooooooo awesome.

  2. richL says:

    Did you get some from HI too? I heard that the F21 bags were at least cute. Can you believe that? Cuter than Balenciaga? And Japan got sales?! Man that is how Ala Moana should be too. Especially if they are going to participate. Any specific shops you went to that was decently good?

  3. missan2net says:

    Hi RichL, my experiences with Fukubukuro here in Hawaii were just like your Balenciaga one…oh so MEH! I decided to do something diff this year for NYE since no more fireworks here anymore (well, not that I wanna spend permits for anyway, lolz) and took advantage of a $397 (!!!) R/T offer that JTB was doing for New Years HNL to Osaka. Ended up taking the Shinkansen to Tokyo too, going to Harajuku for the Fukubukuro sales on the 1st (before hopping to Disney Sea for the afternoon). The sales are so awesome there…if I was Japanese and here for Fukubukuro I’d be hella pissed. Even HERMES, Apple Store, you name it, they had Fukubukuro and/or sales! CHEAPER than Hawaii. I seriously had very little money on this trip cause of the Christmas holiday, but came home with tons of stuff and snacks. Too bad my luggage was small, I should’ve bought more. Scarves from Daiso for $1, all the fashion boutiques/stores where I stayed in Shibuya were just sales galore, and crazy affordable! Only thing you have to deal with are the lines to get in and the crowds. Knowing how you love fashion and kawaii stuff, you’d love New Year’s in Japan!

  4. richL says:

    Wow! I have never left the country so I will trust that its more awesome in Japan. I mean, it was their idea so it should be better. HERMES THOUGH?! I would totally jump on that. So awesome! Hopefully this year I get to go to another country. That would be amazing!

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